The Bell

The first published work in a series of seven volumes, The Bell is an introduction to Circles of Awareness: The Metaphysical Power of Psychic Control.  It opens the doorway to a subconscious  reality and reveals conscious awareness as the tool of creation.  It explores the concept of multi-dimensional realities, expanding waves of concentric vibration, and consciousness-energy which creates the material universe that surrounds us.


The Book Series

Circles of Awareness delves into the subliminal realm of metaphysics and psychic phenomenon to seek out the hidden subconscious alter ego, and to awaken the sleeping god-consciousness that dwells within.

The seven volume series takes the reader on a mystical journey through the mind's eye, revealing reality as the creative thought process of god-consciousness.


Delusions of Grandeur

"My second book, DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR was released on October 25, 2018. The book is a story of my life, my misadventures, mishaps and unforgivable mistakes. It is a journey into my psyche, and leads you on a roller coaster ride to a raw, unexpected ending.  Schizophrenia is not what normal people think it is. The condition itself cannot be fully understood by anyone who has never experienced it.  This book provides a reflected image of a true schizophrenic reality.  You will be surprised what lies beyond the veil of normality."

-- The Author --


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